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Greenleaf Hut

Greenleaf Hut

  • Concert Date: August 24, 2013
  • Address: Grafton, NH

Greenleaf Hut Hike Canceled / Big Sur Hike Scheduled

Our hope was to lead a hike to the hut and perform a unique concert that would help celebrate the outdoors and 125 years of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s hut system. Despite several rehearsals of mountain music to play near the Appalachian Trail and our successful test hike in June, we will not be allowed to present this concert.

Unfortunately, the Forest Service manages the White Mountains National Forest and won’t permit the performance. We hope that at some point we can find a way to present a concert and are still trying to find ways to make other special outdoor musical events possible, drawing listeners and nature lovers outside to appreciate music in the majestic surroundings of our nation’s finest parks. Please check back for updates and we welcome any input that our listeners might have. Thank you and we apologize for the cancelation.

Join us for a free public hike and performance in the White Mountains of Franconia Notch, New Hampshire at the Greenleaf Hut!

Dave Douglas – Trumpet
Rory Stuart – Guitar
Michael Bates – Bass

Douglas gives an idea of this special event, “On August 24 we will hike up in the morning, have lunch at the hut, and the concert will happen that afternoon. Then we will all hike back down. The concert is free, except you have to make the hike to hear it! I know some fans that are already in training!”

Performing outdoors is not a new idea for Douglas—his 2005 album Mountain Passages, recorded for his late father as the inaugural release on his Greenleaf Music label, was celebrated with a performance on a mountaintop in Italy as part of a festival called Suoni delle Dolomiti. “It was a wonderful, communal experience,” said Douglas. “I was thinking, ‘Why isn’t this happening in the States?’ We should be doing concerts in our wonderful national parks, along the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest or you name it.”